US Credit and Debit Card Processing

PRE-SUBMISSION DOCUMENTS LIST FOR DOMESTIC ACCOUNTS The following is a complete list of the required documents each Merchant Applicant must provide prior to submission to underwriting. Remember the more complete the file is initially the faster we can underwrite and approve the application. Documents List  Completed Merchant Application  Voided Check or Bank Letter  Business Overview  Passport Copy for all Principals/Owners – DL OK if US Resident  Articles of Incorporation  Current P&L Statements YTD If Requested.  3 Months Company Bank Statements  3 Months Processing Statements all accounts  Promotional Collateral or Advertising Materials or list of websites  (If Business is new 3 months personal Bank statements).  If website processing, proof of Domain/URL ownership  EIN Verification, SS4 Letter from IRS  Most recent utility bill for office, or home if virtual office.
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USA clientele can apply here:

Low Risk Merchant accounts:  $0 setup, $15 monthly, $0.30 + 2.7% per transaction, Visa, Mastercard & Discover.

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Canadian Credit and Debit Card Processing

We have almost five years experience in setting up merchant accounts.

Our banks are Canadian, US and European


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Our company started in 2012 with simple credit card terminal sales and a single credit card system.

We now represent banks in Europe, Canada and the United States with more than $100 Million USD in processing per month.

We also sell the best travel booking system in the world:  you can book online at rates less than all other online booking sites.  Anywhere in the world, anytime, business or pleasure at the best rates.

We know the world is a dangerous business place, so we have also formed a tech security business which will help keep your information safe, stop crime before it happens and give you the information your lawyers need to prosecute if you are already a victim.  We will protect your identity and even stop your children from bullies.


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poscybertech helps business by offering better merchant processing rates, solid banking systems, better web security and travel at the lowest rates for you, your family and your company.

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